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Velociraptors IQ level?


Q. "What do you think was a Velociraptors IQ level? PS I love your National Geographic book it’s so awesome"

A. Velociraptors may have been second only to Troodon in intelligence among dinosaurs judging by the comparison of their brain to body size. That's put them about even with an ostrich, not the smartest of birds.


Are pterodactyls dinosaurs?


Q. “Are pterodactyls dinosaurs?” — Charley, Wallingford, PA

A. No. Pterodactyls are members of a different scientific classification, Pterosaurs.



Can you make dinosaur gumbo?


Q. “Can you make dinosaur gumbo?” — Beau Richards, Baton Rouge, LA

A. “Nope. But I think it would taste like chicken if you could. All the “meat” in dinosaur bones long ago fossilized and filled in with minerals. But you could make mastodon soup. Mastodons and mammoths lived thousands, not millions of years ago. Sometimes their complete bodies are found frozen in ice. Defrost, heat gently and serve! Yumm!


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