Dino Don Talks At Schools, Libraries, Museums And More!

Dynamic presentations for all ages and group sizes, from pre-school to college audiences. Presentations include touch fossils and movie props, audience participation and plenty of entertaining science.

The News About Dinosaurs (For Children)


How did dinosaurs evolve? When did they live and why did they die out? “Dino” Don brings the ancient world of dinosaurs to life – the time periods, continental changes, climate in dinosaur time. How fossils are formed, discovered, studied and repaired. Sample dinosaur bones, teeth, skin impression, claws, even poop!

Chasing Dinosaurs (Teen and Family) 


Adventures hunting for dinosaurs from Argentina to Mongolia. From following the trail of the real-life Indiana Jones through the Gobi Desert to rafting in search of fossils the High Arctic to reconstructing the largest dinosaurs ever found in Patagonia. 

Jurassic Park: Fact and Fiction (For Teen and Family Audiences) 


Inside the making of the Jurassic Park film and other media celebrations of dinosaurs. Can we find dinosaur DNA? Bring dinosaurs back to life? Should we?

How accurate are the movie depictions of dinosaurs?

The Real Genghis Khan 


Not a barbarian, but the civilizing genius who brought you pants, paper money, passports, the pony express, lemons, violins, and a lot more. Discover the amazing true life and accomplishments of the "Man of the Millennium" via  Don Lessem's journeys through Mongolia and his blockbuster touring exhibition. Illustrated with spectacular images and genuine 13th century artifacts.

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